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Stainless Steel


No matter how good your milling and turning machines might be, there’s always a chance for a part to become warped or misshaped in the process of machining. The last thing you want when you receive your new part is for any of your very tight tolerances to be off, leading to the possibility of breakage that could go on to further damage parts in your mechanical systems. To alleviate any concerns of receiving a part that isn’t machined to your precise specifications, at KT Tech Inc., we offer CMM inspection services as a comprehensive final step before being shipped off to the end-user. 

When you decide to work with us, you can rest easy knowing that quality assurance is embedded into our entire machining process. By using some of the most advanced measurement equipment, our CMM inspection services make sure that each and every part we produce is made to meet the exact specifications of the customer, never settling for anything less.  

We utilize various processes, including: 

  • Image Measuring (IMM): Useful in non-contact situations with soft materials, this process uses visual measuring techniques with very high accuracy. 

  • Coordinate Measuring (CMM): Done through a Coordinate-Measuring Machine, your parts are measured by looking at the physical geometry of an object. This is done through sensing points on the surface of a part through a probe.  

  • Surface Roughness Measuring: For parts required to fit within tight spaces, surfaces must be completely smooth. We have devices to make sure of this for your parts. 

If you want to learn more about the equipment we use to ensure that your machined parts and components come out to your exact specifications, get in touch with us today. At KT Tech Inc., we go above and beyond your expectations to make sure the finished product you receive is exactly what you asked for using CMM inspection services.

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