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Stainless Steel


Although less popular and less widely used than 3-Axis CNC Machining, the use of 5-axis CNC machining can provide you with an extra dimension of machining capabilities. Whereas 3-axis CNC machining utilizes the typical three axis of movement (up/down, left/right, in/out), adding a fourth and fifth dimensions allows an operator to make many more features in a more precise manner than possible when setting up manually. With an additional fourth and fifth axis added, you are given the capability to machine different shapes, such as very precise features around arcs, which is exceptionally difficult to achieve when using a 3 axis machining center. 

At KT Tech Inc., we give you the opportunity to experience the freedom of creating any parts or components you can dream of—from simple straight lines to complex geometric shapes, all while staying within extremely tight tolerances, perfect for any application you have. Because of the automated process that our 5-axis CNC mills utilize, this allows for very fast turnaround times, meaning you can request a part be made and receive a completely assembled, measured component shortly after. Our standard lead time is 10 days; however, with rushed or important orders, we can expedite anywhere from one to five business days ahead of time. 

Our 5-axis CNC machining services can handle different materials including many different grades of steel, stainless steel, aluminum, titanium, and plastics. This means that no project is too difficult for our advanced machines to handle, while still operating at maximum productivity, and cutting to extremely tight tolerances for the most intricate parts.  

For more information on our 5-axis CNC machining services we have available for you, or if you’re interested in using our services to build your own part or component, contact us today. We’ll be happy to build the exact parts to fit your needs. 

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